about us

We are Bradford Valley Farms, a family owned farm in Damascus, AR. We are committed to raising animals the way they are supposed to be raised. Letting them thrive in their appropriate environment, creates the cleanest, healthiest meat you can find. We raise them on fresh pasture, rotating each of our animals so green grass is the base of their diets. We never feed our animals antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Our farming values reflect our family and our products taste because of it!

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what we believe

We believe that God intended animals to be animals.

He created their bodies to eat certain things, and we adhere to that as one of our principals.

We believe in treating animals the right way.

Not locked up, confined, crowded, unhappy. We give our animals space to roam, good pasture to graze on, plenty of nutrients that help animals be the happiest and healthiest during their life cycle.

We believe in nutrition.

We began this journey of farming to give our family healthier food choices. We began to notice the decline in nutritional offerings with grocery store meat. We wanted real meat that came from animals that were given space to roam and good feed. Meat that we knew was clean and fresh and that could help our bodies toward good health.

We believe in sustainability.

We want our grass to be of the highest quality possible since all of our animals graze on pasture. We do not believe in adding chemicals or unnatural fertilizers. We let the animals do the work full circle from fertilizing the ground all the way to munching on the fresh pasture.

We believe in family farming.

Our kids are involved in all of our daily routines on the farm. From setting hay out to collecting eggs and feeding our pigs. We want our children to know where their food comes from and understand the rewards of farming.

We are a constantly evolving farm.

We are always trying to learn and implement new things for a more sustainable farm to improve our soil health and our pastures to give the most nutrients available to our animals.

buy your meat & eggs with confidence!

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