Contact Us

Greg and Kinsey Bradford


Call or Text: 503-803-9253(Kinsey)



You can pick up our products in several ways:

  • Bramble Market - Located on HWY 10/Ferndale Cut-off in Little Rock. Bramble Market currently sells our pastured eggs, our pastured chicken, and our bone broths.

  • Conway Locally Grown - In Conway, AR this is an all online market where you place your order on Sunday and pick up on Friday afternoon. Currently we have all of our pork products, chicken, eggs, and bone broths for sale through this market.

  • Direct Farm Pick-Up: Come out to our farm and pick up your products from us. You can even get a tour!

  • Local Delivery: We are usually out and about several times a week(Greenbrier, Conway, Little Rock) and would be happy to meet you to deliver directly to you.



49 Bradford Valley Dr.
Damascus, AR 72039