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Food You Can Feel Good About Feeding Your Family

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Pasture raised chicken, Grass-fed beef, foraging pork, Farm fresh eggs

We believe that animals should be raised like they were 100 years ago. Foraging. Grazing. Pastured. This ensures the most nutritionally dense food that is not only better tasting, but better for you. We started this farm for our children, to give them the best food we could provide. Now, we want to extend that to you all. Please, come and see our farm. See what we do. See why we can provide you with the healthiest meat that comes from our farm to your plate.


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Visit our farm

Find out more about our farm. Come and see what we do. Bring the kiddos and let them see where their food comes from. Please, if you are planning to come, contact us first so we can make sure to be there and give you the time you want to learn about what we do and for you to ask any questions! 


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What we believe

Animals should be animals, nature should be natural, and we should farm for the future generations.

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family farming

We want our children to know where their food comes from and understand the rewards of farming.



from our farm to your health

“Consumers who care about their food need to understand that security does not come from bureaucrats or labels; the best way to know the quality and safety of your food is to see the source and visit the farmer. “

— Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms