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We sell pastured poultry & eggs, grass-fed beef, and foraging pork. Pastured raised, grass-fed, forested, grazing. Our animals do it all and live their best life right here on our farm. If you’re looking for real food, then you’ve come to the right place. Start receiving meat and eggs that you can feel good about eating and feeding your family!

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grass-fed Sheep

A new and exciting product for us here at BVF. We cannot wait to get this into y’alls bellies! Our grass fed lamb is full of rich flavor. Cooking lamb is very versatile, similar to beef but with a distinct flavor that cannot be described- so trying is a must! Coming July 2019.


grassfed beef

Our cows graze on our pastures, never receiving any grain or feed for any reason. Our cows are steroid, antibiotic, and hormone free. The way a cow should be! Our cows “mow” our grass right before our chickens graze across the pasture, making it a truly symbiotic relationship on the farm!


foraging pork

Our pigs love to root! And with giving them plenty of area to do so, the taste is one that is unequaled. Lots of trees, pasture, and dirt to roll around in. Our pigs are never fed any steroids, antibiotics, or hormones and never will be. We believe to have the best bacon, sausage, and chops, they need to be in their perfect environment which is how we intend to keep it.

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pastured poultry

Our most popular enterprise on the farm! It is hard to find chicken that tastes this good and we know that comes from how we raise them. Our chickens are on fresh grass every day, with moves occurring every morning at daylight right when the chickens are eager to peck and scratch. If you’ve never tried pasture raised chicken, you should!

pastured eggs

Our eggs come from Layers that get the best world possible! Moved every few days to a new clean slate of green pasture for them to peck and scratch at making their yolks a deep golden yellow and full of flavor. Truly the best tasting eggs around.


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